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  【Recruit】  求人案内PDF 

社会福祉法人七色の翼 求人へ 

Early Childhood Education and Afterschool Teacher

【Job Information】

Job Type

Contract (renewable)

Career Level

Intermediate Level


Chiba, Inzai-shi
Hokuso-line:Chiba-New Town Chuo Station


190,000〜250,000 (depends on experience)


Housing, Transportation


  • Personal and the corporate performance based bonus
  • Re-signing bonus

Working Hours

8 hours / day (7:00AM~8:00PM, in Shift)

Vacations and
Non-working Days

  • Summer: 5days
  • Winter: Dec.29~Jan.3 (3 days) + 2days (Nov. ~Jan.)
  • National Holidays, Sundays
  • Saturdays are non-working days, except for certain Saturdays during the year on which there are RWI school programs and meetings.

Paid Time Off

  • Year One: 5 days
  • Year Two: 6 days
  • Year Three: 7 days
  • Year Four: 8 days
  • Year Five or more: 10 days

Company Benefit

  • Health Insurance


【Job Requirements】

Experience Level

2 years or more

Education Level

Bachelor’s Degree (Elementary Education is preferred)

English Level


Japanese Level

Basic Level

【Job Description】
Key Requirements
・Must be a native English speaker
・Bachelor’s degree or above from an accredited college or university
・Have a passion and enthusiasm to teach children
・Demonstrates leadership qualities and a strong willingness to work in a team
・Are adaptable and open to new and exciting experiences
・Have an interest in Japan and Japanese culture
 .There will be a 3 month probationary period.

Rainbow Wings International is a private school which provides nursery, preschool, and after-school for children aged between 0 and 10. The school was created to reduce the amount of children who are waiting to enter other nurseries. Our company mission is to nurture the children who can contribute to the world. For nursery, we nurture children in a comfortable and safe environment while children’s parents are working. We also provide a comfortable English-speaking environment in preschool, where children can learn English in an enjoyable atmosphere with Grape SEED materials.

To expand RWI, we have started the construction of a new Preschool building from the next fiscal year. We are also preparing to establish a social welfare corporation in order to contribute more to the Japanese society as an authorized children school.

  • Our English teachers are assisted by our Japanese nursery/kindergarten teachers.
  • Teachers receive comprehensive initial training with full pay along with additional training when needed.

 [ The followings are some examples of our daily work ]
・Give children interesting and fun experiences.
・Create weekly plans and conduct classes.
・Maintaining a safe environment for students.
・Working with other teachers for a balanced study.